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Our value statement isn’t essential to the running of the company, but it’s a clear understanding of who we are.


Our value statement is a clear declaration that announces our top priorities and core beliefs. Therefore, our values guide all team members actions and makes a connection with our consumers.

Our core values or offerings to our customers are to be important. They carry long lasting beliefs or ideals shared by our team members that will create a culture that exhibits what is good or bad and or desirable or undesirable when making negative or positive organizational decisions. These values influence and shapes our business.

What are the core values of your Business?

At TAM Records we value:

•Culture •Customer Service •Team Work •Respect •Innovation •Market Identity •Responsibility

Top guiding principles for success:

•create an inspiring milieu to learn, teach, and work that embodies our values (culture)

•We are in this together mantra (community & commitment)

•Position the artist/artistry first (customer service)

•We succeed together (teamwork)

•Value inclusiveness and diversity (respect)

•Promote innovation and lifelong learning (innovation)

•Focus in on the experience of our customers and create an impact (market identity)

•Attract and retain talented team members (responsibility)

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